We aren’t your every day accounting professionals.  Yes we are CPAs and we know our debit and credits.  We are also technology savvy.  We have been working remotely since 2017 and have been paperless since 2005 — yes 2005. 

We work online and we think that is the future of accounting.  We can help you go online — it’s easier than you think.

We love technology and we love making it work for you! We are very skilled in handling those unique accounting and technology requests that you may be unable to solve elsewhere. Tech not your thing? Don’t worry we can help you too!  Our experience (besides accounting) is in teaching and tech support.  We understand how frustrating these things can be and are happy to help.

We can be reached by phone: 250-763-7923 or via email: info@dufordcpa.ca

Office: 203 -160 Dougall Road, S Kelowna, BC

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Michelle Duford, CPA
Morgan DuFord, CPA