5 Common Bookkeeping Pitfalls

5 Common Bookkeeping Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Although most entrepreneurs recognize the importance of careful financial management, few want to spend their time dealing with numbers. Unfortunately, not keeping a close eye on your income and expenses can be very costly for a business. Here are 5 common bookkeeping pitfalls and some simple tips for getting back on track. 1. Mixing business … Read more

8 Common Problems New Freelancers Face

8 Common Problems New Freelancers Face

8 Common Problems New Freelancers Face Freelancers in all industries deal with the same problems due to the nature of their work.  Typically, freelancers are solo work-from-home contractors that manage every aspect of their business.  If you’re thinking of dropping your career as an employee to begin freelancing, consider the following obstacles you will need … Read more

5 Ways to Save Money for your Business 

5 ways to save money for your business

5 Ways to Save Money for your Business Looking for simple ways to cut costs? These tips will help you make a  noticeable difference to your bottom line.  1. Reduce staff costs Without a doubt, having someone to help deal with routine tasks can greatly improve productivity. The rub is that hired help is often too expensive for … Read more