5 Ways to Save Money for your Business

5 Ways to Save Money for your Business Looking for simple ways to cut costs? These tips will help you make a noticeable difference to your bottom line.1. Reduce staff costs Without a doubt, having someone to help deal with routine tasks can greatly improve productivity. The rub is that hired help is often too … Read more

Small Business Accounting Challenges

Small businesses have specific challenges and needs that are very different from larger more established companies.  Budget is typically a concern as small businesses and startups work to get their revenue streams established.  There is an additional challenge addressing the technical aspects of dealing with CRA – something many small business are just not able … Read more

Why is bookkeeping important?

One of the concerns I hear on a regular basis is regarding bookkeeping.  Why do I need it and why is it expensive and can I do anything to reduce my costs? This article covers bookkeeping for corporations; bookkeeping for sole-proprietors may or may not need to be as rigorous depending on your situation.  To … Read more

Warning about Fraudulent Calls from CRA

Here are some recent examples of CRA fraud attempts: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Caller identifies themself as from CRA and that there has been crimes committed against the CRA and that your file has been submitted to the Federal Court and that there is a warrant out for your arrest.  The call display is area code 647 (Toronto).  Needless to say … Read more