Is the COVID-19 Pandemic changing how we treat our personal information?

Security online

I live in British Columbia Canada.  Like the rest of the world, we are locked down due to COVID-19.This week I tried to renew my auto insurance.  While the insurance is provided by the government, it is sold by independent brokers across the province.  As I am trying to sort out how to renew my … Read more Is the COVID-19 Pandemic changing how we treat our personal information?

Small Business Accounting Challenges

Small businesses have specific challenges and needs that are very different from larger more established companies.  Budget is typically a concern as small businesses and startups work to get their revenue streams established.  There is an additional challenge addressing the technical aspects of dealing with CRA – something many small business are just not able … Read more Small Business Accounting Challenges

Why use a virtual accountant?

No need to find parking, child care or even leave your house.  With the technology that currently exists you can meet your accountant right at home using tools like Zoom.

An accountant that is Virtual (Operates in the Cloud) is more likely to stay up to date with technology and be better able to take care of you and your unique business.

Virtual Accountants are also paperless accountants.  That’s good for the environment, good for you and great for the budget.  Some documents like tax returns can require up to 75 pages of paper.  For EACH tax return.  That’s a lot of paper for a document you aren’t likely to read.  You also get to keep your original documents and you don’t have to worry about losing documents that your accountant gives you.

Tools like QuickBooks online and Xero are more likely to be used by Virtual accountants. Why is that important?  Online accounting tools are able to get you better and more timely information.  No more tracking your income separately on a spreadsheet because it take 3 months to get the bookkeeping done.  Tools like automatic bank and payment feeds means that your information is current.  Finally giving you the tools to actually run your business!

You can still contact your accountant when you are travelling on business because it doesn’t matter anymore where you are.  You can contact when you are on vacation too, but why would you want to?

Curious about Virtual Accounting and what it can do for you?  Contact Michelle @ we discuss how this can work for you and your business.

Warning about Fraudulent Calls from CRA

Here are some recent examples of CRA fraud attempts: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Caller identifies themself as from CRA and that there has been crimes committed against the CRA and that your file has been submitted to the Federal Court and that there is a warrant out for your arrest.  The call display is area code 647 (Toronto).  Needless to say … Read more Warning about Fraudulent Calls from CRA